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"I've been in the football industry for many years, working with top-tier clubs, and I've seen it all. But when I came across Planet Scout, it was a game-changer. This platform connects clubs with local scouts worldwide, making talent scouting faster and more cost-effective. It's a revolutionary tool for modern football."
Stefano Luxoro
Sporting Director

Frequently asked questions

What is Planet Scout and how does it work?
Planet Scout is a global network platform connecting football scouts, agents, and clubs. It works by allowing clubs to assign scouting missions worldwide, receiving real-time reports directly from the field, and facilitating scout payments in a unified system.
Who can use Planet Scout?
Planet Scout can be used by professional football scouts, clubs, and agencies. Scouts get to do what they love, watching live games and generating reports, while clubs and agencies get detailed scouting information from anywhere in the world.
What features does Planet Scout offer?
Our features include global mission assignments, real-time field reports, direct scout payments, and reduced CO2 emissions. It is a one-stop platform for comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable football scouting.
How does Planet Scout ensure privacy and security?
At Planet Scout, we prioritize privacy and security. Our platform is designed with advanced security protocols to protect user information. We ensure strict adherence to data privacy laws and do not share user data without explicit consent.
How does Planet Scout handle financial transactions?
We manage financial transactions through a secure built-in system, enabling clubs and agencies to pay scouts directly for their work. We ensure all transactions are secure, transparent, and hassle-free, streamlining the scouting process.
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Global Network Access
Streamlined Scouting
Real Time Field Reports
Digital First
Global Network Access
Streamlined Scouting
Real Time Field Reports
Digital First
Global Network Access
Streamlined Scouting
Real Time Field Reports
Digital First