Planet Scout search or application

Our innovative platform offers two distinct modes of operation - Search Mode and Application Mode - each tailored to meet the diverse needs of clubs and agencies.
Whether you're looking to scout the next big striker in Bolivia or seeking a specialist in youth talent in Europe, Planet Scout is your gateway to a world of scouting opportunities.

Search mode: handpicked scouting excellence

In Search mode, our platform empowers you to take control of your scouting needs. Here's how it works:

  • Global scout network: Access a vast pool of scouts from around the world. Whether you need eyes in South America, Asia, or any corner of the globe, our network has you covered.
  • Tailored selection: Filter scouts based on specific criteria such as region, expertise, and past scouting missions. This ensures you find the perfect match for your scouting objectives.
  • Direct engagement: Once you've identified your ideal scout, engage directly with them. Discuss your needs, negotiate terms, and deploy them to uncover football gems.
  • Efficiency and precision: Search Mode is ideal for targeted, specific scouting tasks where you know exactly what you need and whom you need it from.

Application mode: diverse insights, unmatched flexibility

Application mode flips the script, offering a dynamic approach to scouting:

  • Mission broadcasting: Define your scouting mission in detail - what type of talent you are looking for, the specific region, and any other critical criteria.
  • Scout applications: Your mission is broadcasted to our network of scouts. Receive applications from interested and qualified scouts who are eager to take on your mission.
  • Compare and choose: Evaluate applicants based on their profiles, past missions, and unique insights they can offer. Select the scout who best aligns with your mission’s needs.
  • Broadened horizons: Ideal for when you're open to diverse perspectives or when you're exploring multiple regions or types of talent simultaneously.

Maximizing your scouting potential

Both modes offer distinct advantages:

  • Search mode is about precision and control. It's perfect when you have a clear idea of what you're looking for and want to handpick the scout for the job.
  • Application mode, on the other hand, opens doors to a variety of scouting styles and insights. It's ideal for broader missions or when you're open to being pleasantly surprised by a scout's unique approach and expertise.

At Planet Scout, we understand that scouting is more than just finding talent; it's about finding the right talent in the most efficient and effective way.

Our platform bridges the gap between clubs and scouts globally, ensuring that no talent goes unnoticed and every scouting mission is a success.