Navigating the Planet Scout platform: Search Mode vs. Application Mode

Planet Scout's user-friendly interface is designed to streamline your scouting missions, ensuring you can easily distinguish between missions you've directly initiated and assigned (Search Mode) and those you are exploring (Application Mode). Let's delve into the nuances of the 'Search Mode' and 'Application Mode' tabs to enhance your experience on our platform.

Search Mode: a secret way to scouting

The 'Search Mode' tab serves as your discreet command center, embodying the privacy-centric approach of this feature:

  • Direct Assignment: Within this section, you'll discover missions crafted by you and confidentially assigned to specific scouts. These tasks leverage our extensive database to match scouts based on precise criteria, including location, scouting expertise, and past performance.
  • Mission Card: The mission card allows you to monitor the progress of your scouting assignments, from quote verification to completion. It's a real-time update of how your mission is advancing.
  • Live Chat: Each assigned mission offers a dedicated channel for sharing information and feedback exclusively with the chosen scouts. This ensures a customized and confidential scouting process tailored to the unique needs of your organisation.

Application Mode: a faster and efficient way to scouting

  • Call For Scouts: Here, missions are presented as open invitations to scouts. Instead of direct handpicking scouts, you define the mission parameters and invite scouts to apply. It's where scouts demonstrate their expertise and vie for the opportunity to undertake your mission.
  • Compare Proposals: You'll receive a variety of proposals from interested scouts, offering a range of options and prices. This facilitates a comparative evaluation process to select the most suitable candidate based on diverse scouting proposals.
  • Extend Your Network: Missions showcased in the Application Mode aren't restricted to your direct contacts; they're visible to the entire Planet Scout network of professionals. This fosters a competitive and quality-driven environment, allowing for efficient talent comparison and selection, ultimately saving time and resources for your organisation.

In essence, the Search Mode and Application Mode tabs reflect the dual nature of the Planet Scout platform - one that offers a confidentially control over your scouting missions and another that embraces the dynamic nature of the scouting market.

By understanding and utilizing both, clubs and agencies can optimize their scouting strategy, ensuring a robust and comprehensive approach to talent discovery.