Mastering mission engagement on Planet Scout: Assigned vs. Applied

Understanding the 'Assigned' and 'Applied' tabs is key to maximizing your potential on the platform.

Assigned tab: your active engagements (Search mode)

The 'Assigned' tab is your portfolio of active engagements, representing the Search Mode of the platform:

  • Personal assignments: This section lists missions that clubs or agencies have directly assigned to you, based on your unique scouting profile and past mission successes.
  • Mission management: Track your progress on each task, from initial assignment through to completion, with all the necessary details at your fingertips.
  • Focused interaction: Engage with clubs or agencies directly regarding specific assignments, making communication streamlined and mission-centric.

Applied tab: your opportunities marketplace (Application mode)

The 'Applied' tab, on the other hand, is where the Application Mode of Planet Scout comes alive:

  • Mission applications: Here you'll find all the missions you've applied for. It's a display of your proactive approach, showing where you've pitched your services in response to posted missions.
  • Application status: Keep an eye on the status of each application, from the moment you send your quote to the final decision made by the club or agency.
  • Diverse potential: This tab is a testament to your willingness to explore new opportunities and demonstrate your adaptability and expertise to a wider market.

Utilizing assigned and applied for career growth

  • Assigned for direct engagements: Use the 'Assigned' tab to manage and fulfill your current commitments. It's where you put your recognized skills to work on missions you've been handpicked for.
  • Applied for expanding horizons: The 'Applied' tab is your space to grow your career by applying for a variety of missions. It's about showcasing your willingness to take on new challenges and your commitment to the scouting profession.

By adeptly managing the 'Assigned' and 'Applied' tabs, you can maintain a clear view of your current engagements while also seeking out new ones.

This dual approach not only helps in staying organized but also in remaining visible and competitive in the bustling marketplace of Planet Scout.

It's about being diligent in your assigned missions while also being dynamic in your pursuit of new opportunities.